About Us



I am a city girl meets country gardener. My year-round organic garden is located on Mount Veeder in the Napa Valley. Several years ago, I had the opportunity to redesign my landscape and garden space. With the help of a landscape architect (and several classes from a master vegetable gardener), I designed a garden full of raised beds and fruit trees. We made sure the surrounding landscape was primarily planted with drought-resistant plants, as California has been dealing with a serious drought for four years.

I spend a lot of my free time cultivating my green thumb by reading gardening books, visiting public and private gardens, growing flowers, vegetables and fruit, and keeping a journal to document my plantings and its bounty. I take great joy in outlining my planting schedule, planting seeds and starts, weeding, training my climbing plants, harvesting, and then developing recipes to make use of my fresh produce. I have also continued the family tradition of canning and preserving that I learned from my mother.

Carolyn and I are both enthusiastic gardeners. Our collaboration began when we started sharing photos, planting and harvesting techniques, and recipes for our produce. By documenting our gardening journey in The Blissful Gardeners, we want to share our passion and experience with others and hope to learn more along the way.



Appreciating gardens has always been a part of my life, whether it has been collecting and looking through beautiful garden books, visiting gardens when I travel, wandering through plant nurseries, picking vegetables from our family vegetable gardens growing up or working side by side with experienced gardeners to learn more and create the garden I have today, in the Napa Valley. To me, there is nothing more fun that creating and being surrounded by a beautiful garden.

I’m particularly excited about creating a year-round garden experience of flowers, fruit and vegetables – and most importantly using what I grow throughout the year. My roses, for example, bloom from April through January, and my husband and I enjoy seeing them inside our home, in the garden and sharing them with friends. I plant vegetables in my raised beds throughout the four seasons and love harvesting them for healthy meals. Sharing my vegetables with others is pure joy! My first fruit of the season comes online in January, beginning with citrus, then berries, plums, peaches, pears and apples, figs, finger limes, pomegranates and finally, persimmons. There’s something very inspiring about being a part of the annual cycle of nature through my garden. And nothing tastes better than the fruit and vegetables you grow in your own garden!

Vicki and I discovered that we were both passionate about what we are growing. We share an interest in documenting everything that we are experiencing and learning together. So we began The Blissful Gardeners. We hope you will not only enjoy our journey, but will share your journey and learnings with us.