Summer Anemone

A couple of years ago, I picked up some perennial anemone at the nursery for its late summer flowers and height (about 3-4'). I hadn't had experience with this plant before, so I only bought a few to try. Anemone immediately became my favorite late summer plant, so I purchased more when I found it in the nursery last year.


What I love about this plant is the full, rich green foliage, the yellow and green centers of this variety, the delicateness of the stems and the little "bulbs" that appear before they open and become these fresh white flowers. They are the happiest flower in the garden when everything else appears fatigued from the heat of the summer.


Anemones are in the Ranunculaceae family and come in a variety of colors. They are called "wind flowers" from the Greek wind gods "anemoi". I can only imagine  they got this name from the beautiful way they flow in the breeze. These sweet plants are definitely worth adding to your border.




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