Harvesting and Clean Up

I have been harvesting so much fruit and vegetables that I should open a store or buy a selling table at the farmer's market. After taking stock of my Spring and Summer planting, this is what I know for sure! Once again I planted way too many tomatoes. I have given away to friends and family pounds of tomatoes, served countless dinners and lunches with tomatoes, made tomato sauce for the freezer and have frozen bags of tomatoes for future use. Next week I am canning them with my daughter and a couple of her friends.


The pear tree was prolific this year. Again, I have washed, pealed, chopped and frozen tons for my fall canning.


Over the weekend I pulled all the Padron, Shishito and Italian peppers. The pepper plants produced a lot less than last years crop, but again, I planted too many. I also pulled the Kentucky Wonder bush beans and the Ideal climbing beans. The beans were not good this year. They were hollow and woody.


The Persian cucumbers were abundant this year and again I planted too many. I planted one zucchini start this year, but did not get one edible zucchini. Last year I planted two starts and was overloaded with zucchini. What a difference a year makes!


I harvested Big Max pumpkins, Fairytale melons, Sangria melons and pumpkins for carving. My Big Max pumpkins were not as big as last year, but I harvested more of them.




I have left the Amethyst and Genova basil in the garden until next weekend when I will pick what is left to make pesto. I am also still harvesting Sun Sugar, San Marzano, Roma and Brandywine tomatoes, but pulled the Yellow Pear, Early Girl and Orange Roma tomatoes.

It is time to prepare for my fall planting.  I am going to rest two of my beds, so will be planting less.  I will let you know in a couple of weeks what I decide to plant.

Happy Fall!

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