Honey Harvest

My gardener harvested my honey this year as I was traveling when we had an appointment to have the frames spun.

The honey this year was harvested about a month later than last year. We harvested about 30 pints. As you can see from the photo below the 2017 harvest was much darker than the 2016 harvest.


The color, flavor, and even the scent of honey can vary widely depending on the source of nectar. In addition, the weather can have an effect on the end result. Even the same flower blooming in the same location may produce slightly different nectar from year to year.

My last jar of 2016 honey and a bit of the 2017 honey harvest will be used in the making of jam and fruit butters. Time to get canning!

4 Responses

  1. Edie Dagley
    so excited to have a jar of your honey! Kudos to all that you have planted and harvested up there this year!
    • great day of canning...about to post on it.
  2. laura perry
    I can't wait to try that honey. it looks delicious. we are hoping that the bees and your home are safe from the fires. xxL
    • I will bring a jar to you next time I see you.