Teasses Estate

As I mentioned in my last post, I was in Scotland a couple of weeks ago and my lady friends and I spent a day touring gardens. Our second stop was the stunning Teasses Gardens, a 60-acre property which has been owned by Sir Fraser and Lady Morrison for the past 16 years. The residence is adjacent to the 1000-acre Teasses Estate hunting and pheasant shooting land.



The manor was built in 1890, which is modern by local standards. The never-ending gardens contain formal and informal gardens, wide vistas of grassy fields, woodland walks and gardens, a walled garden with a glass house, a potager garden, espaliered fruit trees, a lily pond and even Highland cattle. It's hard to imagine how any team of gardeners could not only maintain the gardens of this estate, but continue to innovate and expand the beauty of the cultivated areas...until you meet Craig Cameron, Head Gardener.


Craig is a highly educated horticulturist who is passionate about expanding the boundaries of Teasses Estate beauty throughout the growing season. His knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm are contagious and we were all caught up in what he has created.


Craig took us on a tour around the property for an hour and a half (required time to adequately see everything). There was something beautiful to admire at every turn, including the beginning of fall foliage seen from our path above.


It's hard to choose the most beautiful place within this garden, but the woodland areas were so lovely, green and peaceful that they warranted a quiet moment to experience them. They were among my favorite spaces.


We were just on the edge of these trees transitioning to their fall colors but we could imagine what they will look like in two week's time. Isn't the view and experience of this space with its curved intermittent hedges incredible?


Craig is still developing this water lily pond, but you can see the natural charm of this space, even in the late fall.


The owners have 10 grandchildren and every time they have a new grandchild, they plant a new tree along this pathway and create a dedicated small garden to that child, so the child can visit his or her own personal garden somewhere on the property. Isn't this a wonderful idea?


I was taken with these adorable Highland cattle, replete with long hair to help them withstand the winters and cold winds in Scotland.


We concluded where our tour began, at Craig's home on the property, embellished with mounds of heather - the legendary flower of Scotland. Thank you Craig for making our day so special. We will never forget the beauty of what you have so lovingly maintained and created at Teasses Estate and Gardens.

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  1. Joan Teass Robbins
    I have just returned from Scotland and was unable to obtain permission from Sir Fraser, Lady Morrison or Craig to view the Hall Teasses or the Gardens. Thank you for these beautiful photo's of the beauty I will never see in person. I got as far as Cupar but without permission to enter the property, my guide advised me not to go. You said the tour was only 30 minutes - I was so close to my personal dream being fulfilled - just to see Hall Teasses. I am a Scottish Teass from Virginia, USA. Again, Thank you.
    • Dear Joan - thank you so much for your wonderful comment. We loved hearing from you. I am sad to hear you didn't get to see the Teasses property, especially since you are a Scottish Teass! Hopefully, you will be in Scotland again in the future and will have better luck or timing. As you well know, it is worth the try! Please keep in touch with us.